Suggested Tours

You are invited … to Come see for yourself . . . !

The Bible Land offers a range of attractions for visitors of all religions and denominations. The Holy places of scripture are like a magnet drawing us to see, to walk, to experience the sights and sounds of a land rich in history.  This is your invitation to join in an experience of a lifetime.

  • Have you ever meditated in a city carved from the rock as St. Paul did in the Rose-Red city of Petra?
  • Have you ever sat on the grassy shore where so many heard Jesus preach from a boat in Lake Galilee?
  • Have you ever tried floating in the Dead Sea? It is so salty you cannot sink.
  • Did you ever stand on the spot where the Roman soldiers gambled for Jesus' Robe?
  • Did you ever step into the coolness of the Tomb where Christ was laid after his crucifixion?
  • Have you ever prayed in Gethsemane, or visited the birthplace of Jesus?
  • Have you ever been awakened before dawn by the cry of a muezzin calling the Moslem faithful to prayer?
  • Have you ever ridden a camel to the Pyramids, and contemplated the silent mystery of the Sphinx?
  • Have you ever watched Hasidic Jews DANCE a prayer before the Wailing Wall?
  • Have you ever read your Bible out loud in the Fields of the Shepherds near Bethlehem?
  • Have you ever had your photo taken against the Jerusalem sky line?
  • Have you ever taken a drink from Jacob’s Well?
  • Did you ever haggle with a shopkeeper for an olive wood souvenir in the Old City of Jerusalem?

Have you ever dreamed about doing these things?  When Will You? ... if you do not do it now, while you still can!

Just think... it is possible for you to be in Jerusalem, to be in Bethlehem at the birthplace of our Lord... to walk the streets of Nazareth, to ascend the heights of Masada, to pray in the Upper Room and much more.

You can sail the Sea of Galilee, and be immersed in the River Jordan. You can sit on the hillside where Jesus shared His Sermon on the Mount. You can walk around the “digs” at Jericho, Jerash, Qumran and Megiddo.


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