Countdown to A Successful Tour

9 or more months before departure:
Enroll as tour host, complete booking agreement, and publicize your tour verbally, by letters to church members, and friends. Use general media advertising if you see a need.

7 - 2 months before departure:
Continue promotion. Get ideas from other tour promoters. Consider video tapes, slide show or movie. Such promotional meeting will enrich the experience of your enrolled passengers and will also serve as a promotion for new ones. Always carry a brochure or flyer with you.

Send a letter to every passenger who already made a deposit. This will serve as a receipt as well as giving specific information on the trip (shots needed, options, passports, visas, etc.). Also remind passengers to get passports immediately. This letter could also enclose a "Cost Guidance Sheet" covering all items which are a part of the tour cost. Your brochures list all these charges. If you're not sure about anything, contact us.

6 months before departure:
Remit all "Early Bird" deposits to the travel agency (if such a program is offered). "Early Bird" is a designation of all $300.00 deposits remitted by passengers six months or more prior to departure. Early deposits have many benefits:
(1) they commit the passenger,
(2) committed passengers encourage friends to travel with them,
(3) the passenger earns a discount on the price of the tour.
4 - 3 months before departure:
Hold a passenger meeting of those enrolled, but also invite everyone interested. The spirit of those anticipating departure will rub off on others, and you can begin to handle the detailed questions of passengers who are starting to become concerned about wardrobe, raincoats, baggage, films, etc.

10 weeks before departure:
Notify all passengers that full payment is due. Remind them that their brochure states that all payments should be remitted by the Agency no later than 8 weeks before departure. If you haven't had a passenger meeting before, have one now!

8 weeks before departure:
Remit all payments to the Agent per invoice. Should you have any question about your billing, contact Lama Tours immediately.

6 weeks before departure:
Notify Lama Tours of any cancellation to avoid any penalties. See "Cancellation/Refunds" policy in your printed brochure, and observe the deadline for the sake of your passengers. Always notify your passengers that cancellation insurance is available. You have during the past months, faithfully continued your promotion program. Do not stop selling now. Keep enrolling passengers until we tell you that you must stop.

3 - 2 weeks before departure:
Have your final passenger meeting. This should be a "fun one," designed to help your passengers get better acquainted with the people who will be their traveling companions, and for you to give last minute advice and instructions. Before you have this meeting contact Lama Tours or your Tour Counselor for departure help and information. Give hotel list and flight schedules to your passengers at this meeting (Lama Tours will provide these). Remind your people to be at the airport two (2) hours prior to flight time, or tell them about busing arrangements you've made for them.

Departure Day:
By this time, 99% of your work as a tour host is accomplished. Sit back and relax and enjoy the trip almost as much as your passengers. You will have been given exact tipping schedule to follow and may occasionally have to help out the "little" old lady with her bag, or currency exchange or directions to the toilet. the guide will know the answers to all your questions. The guide and bus driver on each bus will handle any language problems which could develop, perform all the physical labor of getting bags to rooms and vice versa, make all hotel room assignments to your passengers as well as inform you of meal times and arrangements for sightseeing, departure time and all other pertinent information.

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