Can I Safely Travel Now?

This may be the question standing in the way of your experiencing the TRIP OF A LIFETIME, for which you have planned and indeed looked to achieve for many years.

Our answer to you is that if you were looking for a time when there were absolutely no problems anywhere in the world, you would still be waiting to make your first visit outside your home town.

Safety is a relative term. Where is one completely safe anymore? Few of us in the USA or Western Europe would walk the streets of our own cities or even our smaller home towns alone at night. We read more about mugging and gang violence in our own states in one week than are experienced in one year in the countries we are visiting.  The U.S. State Department and the European Union endorse the level of airport security at the destinations covered by our tours.

While our staff will monitor the situation on the ground, we are in constant touch with our travel representatives here and abroad. If a problem should arise, we would know about it immediately and act to insure the continued safety of our guests. It is only through this awareness that in all these years we have never had the need to interrupt a single departure to the Holy Land. Our policy will continue that NO tours will be allowed to depart into any country or city where security does not meet our strict requirements. 

It is not our purpose to minimize the seriousness of any potential danger anywhere. Relax and enjoy yourself completely, knowing that all details are handled in advance of your departure. The main thing is to plan your tour with enthusiasm and with the safety and comfort of the passenger in mind. Lama Tours has built its fine reputation through our dedication to develop quality tours with a personal touch. You are invited to come and see for yourself.

We look forward to the pleasure of hosting your upcoming tour to the Lands of the Bible.


You Can Count On Us . . . Since 1972