A Successful Tour Promotion

 As in all projects there are some approaches and methods that are time-tested and experience-tested. The following suggestions will help you start and carry through successfully. The most effective means, in general, is the person-to-person invitation and enlistment of tour members. Scattered and broadside efforts are usually negatively received. On the other hand, a happy, congenial touring group results from carefully given invitations, imaginatively extended and enthusiastically followed up!


  • Set the departure date at least six months in the future.
  • Whenever possible, start promotion before brochures are printed.
  • Collect deposits as soon as interest is expressed.
2. SHARE YOUR EXCITEMENT! Enthusiasm is catching!
  • Repeated individual contacts and invitations are best.
  • Extend a serious invitation to two people EVERY DAY!
  • Use the telephone for those you cannot see personally.
  • Send a letter of invitation to all friends, family, church or club members, and associates.
  • Get editorial support in local newspaper, church paper and local TV/radio.
  • Place frequent small “ads” in professional publications or local paper early on.
  • Use your office, school or church newsletter, magazine, newspaper, bulletin boards.
  • Ask associates to mention the tour in their media.
  • Show slides to as many small groups as possible.
  • Ask those who enroll to suggest prospects.
  • Be positive in all statements. Say "I AM GOING".
  • Spiritual enrichment and refreshment with congenial companions.
  • Bible study becomes more relevant and history comes alive.
  • New ideas and horizons broadened.
  • Appreciation of other cultures.
  • All details prearranged.
  • Benefits of group travel (individual airfares and land arrangements are usually several hundred dollars more).
  • Memories for a life-time.
  • Right leadership, right companionship, right time!!!
  • Collect deposits early.
  • Send welcome letter to tour members along with travel information.
  • Suggest tour members find roommate and give you other names to recruit.
  • Six weeks before departure send in final payment.


In the face of competition, think positive: "My competitors do more for me than my friends. My friends are too polite to point out my weaknesses, but my competitors go to great expense to advertise them. My competitors are efficient, diligent, attentive and would take my business away from me if they could. They keep me alert and make me search for ways to improve my products and services. If I had no competitors I would be lazy, incompetent and inattentive. I need the discipline they enforce upon me. I salute my competitors. They have been good to me. God bless them all!"


"Quitters never win, and winners never quit!" Call or see your travel representative for help. We are here to serve you and would welcome the opportunity to be of assistance. Remember: Your clients will have a successful "trip of a lifetime" as part of a first class tour.

Lama Tours is with you during your promotion and whilst on tour. If you encounter any serious problems or questions that are not covered in our site, then please contact Lama Tours office nearest you.







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